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The Road to Rifles Only, Part 1 – The Build

The Road to Rifles Only

Part 1 - The Build

Follow our long-range shooter Ryan Hey as he gears up for the upcoming 2020 NRL/PRS season utilizing our Pro 700 rifle chassis in the first in our new multi-part series.

The Road to Rifles Only

Part 1 - The Build
Long-range precision shooting has emerged over the years as a sport, a discipline, a science and an art. With the rise in popularity of event competition series such as the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and the National Rifle League (NRL), the people and the equipment of shooting accurately at longer ranges have changed greatly just in the last decade alone. Though shooting at extended ranges under the pressures of time, the environment, shooting positions, and target visibility is nothing new, there are new athletes who have been born into its changing dynamic very recently who are bringing excitement to the sport.

From Magpul’s inception, our military background, culture and experiences have pointed a few of us towards precision shooting. Whether at range or in close, we take the idea of hitting what you shoot extremely seriously. Our products have followed our DNA, and so we have developed firearms accessories that meet both the in-close and the at-range need. Our multi-year development of the Pro 700 chassis was aimed at the latter, and it’s opened up some doors and relationships to the sport for us. Our inspirational desire to all be precision shooters in practical, real-world field conditions has seen more than one Magpul employee spend their weekends out moving through various stages. But we’re not going to talk about that and embarrass those people. Instead, we’re going to take the outside-in view by following a competitor we know who takes the sport as seriously as anyone we’ve met.

Ryan Hey is one of those determined souls who has taken the precision shooting lifestyle seriously. He lives and works just down the street (a ways), so he was an obvious choice when we were looking to highlight someone whose life is heavily influenced (or should we say controlled) by the precision shooting circuit and all the things that entails from him and his family. As a result, we caught up with him and spent some time learning what he goes through each day, balancing life, work, family and shooting things at long distances. Over the next couple months, we’re going to travel with him and end up at the Rifles Only Brawl. Along the way, there will be some equipment, tactics, thought process, and day-of-execution material that we’ll roll out into the spring.

You’ll learn more about Ryan shortly. But first, his build for the upcoming season. 

Here’s a breakdown of the parts used in Ryan’s PRS build. And keep a look-out for part two.

Our Parts:

Pro 700L Chassis
DAKA Suppressor Bag

Other Parts:

Action: Defiance Machine Deviant Elite
Barrel: Hawk Hill Customs Heavy Varmint #9 6mm 1:7.7RH 
Trigger: Huber Concepts 2-stage Trigger
Red Beard Gun Works built 6XC II-LT (gunsmith/logo on the barrel) 
Muzzle Brake: Crux Suppressor 30cal P.M.S. (Precision Mounting System) Brake
Suppressor: Crux Suppressor ARK30 
Suppressor Cover: Rifles Only Skinny
Scope: Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II w/ EBR-7C reticle
Scope rings: Vortex Optics 
Thumbrest: GrayOps CNC
ARCA Mount on bipod: Area419 Arca Lock
Gun Plate: Area419 RCX
2 round holder: Short Action Precision