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Magpul x Jeff Gonzales

Magpul x Jeff Gonzales

Magpul x Jeff Gonzales

One of the most important parts of gun ownership is taking the time to conduct the training you’ll need to familiarize yourself with your firearm and how you’ll employ it when the time arises. Familiarity and training are the key to effective, safe use of your gun in all situations. With that in mind, we spent some time in Nunn, Colorado with Jeff Gonzales, the president of TRICON, at one of his Combative Pistol courses to talk about his philosophy on training and being a trainer.

As one of the premiere weapons and tactics instructors in the nation, Jeff took a break in class to discuss what’s important to him and his students when it comes to the training environment. With 12 years of service as a Navy SEAL and a career in professional training, he’s spent his adult life forming and honing his training skills and sharing his knowledge with members of law enforcement, our military, and responsibly armed citizens.

Check out the interview and gallery below.

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