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So You Want To Buy A Shotgun?

So you want to buy a Shotgun.

Who doesn’t love the simple power and effectiveness of a shotgun? They’re an extremely popular choice for first time gun buyers, pros, and everyone in between. They’re incredibly versatile, which means there are a handful of things you’ll want to keep in mind before you decide which one is right for you. As a result, we’ve created some information-packed videos that cover shotgun selection, setup, and ammunition.

Part 1 | The Basics

We love shotguns. They’re an effective weapon and a lot of fun to shoot. Whether you’ve just picked up your first pump gun or you’re well versed in the ways of your 12 gauge, we’ve got some advice on choosing and setting up your next scattergun.

Part 2 | Upgrades

Now that you’ve learned what makes a shotgun such an incredible do-it-all tool, what’s next? Upgrades of course.

Part 3 | Ammunition

Slugs, birdshot or buckshot? In Part 3 of our series on shotguns we dive into the wild and wonderful world of defensive shotgun ammunition and get some questions you didn’t even know to ask, answered.

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