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So You Bought An AR

So you bought an AR.

If it’s your first one, then you may be thinking “what do I do now?” Well, some of us have some time on our hands and we’d like to help pass on some knowledge that will help you make your new firearm more capable, more ergonomic, and more able to suit your needs. Below, you’ll find a series of videos we’ve put together that cover a range of topics every AR owner, new and old, should know. From AR basics, upgrades that you can make, to practicing proper firearm safety, we’ve got you covered.

Part 1 | The Basics

If you’re new to the wonderful world of ARs, we’ve got a primer on basic safety considerations, rifle setup, and options that you have to ‘make it your own.’ We’re talking optics, ammunition, magazines, zeroing your rifle and slings. For a more in-depth look at the many different options you have with our line of slings, we’ve got three videos that get down to basics on our sling and hardware construction, the different sling options and uses, and the multitude of attachment options you have for your rifle.


Part 2 | Upgrades

You just bought your AR…so why would you need to upgrade it? Well, for the same reason we don’t all wear the same shoes: we’re individuals with individual needs. One size just doesn’t fit all in the firearms world, and that can have serious consequences. Plus, who doesn’t like to accessorize? With just a few add-ons, you can add completely new capabilities and enhance existing ones. For most firearms out there, someone has found a way to make the fit, form and function better than what you get out of the box. On any one firearm, there may be dozens of options for dozens of different parts. That’s where Magpul comes in.

In this video, we take a look at many of these options and accessories and talk about why you might want to make an upgrade. If you want to learn more, we’ve got four videos that break down our selection of one of the most personal of AR choices, the stock. These videos include an overview of how our AR Stocks are different, our Compact and Non-Storage options, our Storage and UBR stocks, and our Fixed and PRS stocks. Take a look and you’ll understand why so many people decide to accessorize their ARs.


Part 3 | Firearm Safety

Before you do anything with your new AR, it’s important to understand what the four firearms safety rules mean to you and how you’ll operate with any firearms you own or come in contact with. It’s also important that you expect those around you to do the same. This video breaks them all down and gives you the scoop on why they’re important.

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