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Night Moves

Night Moves

A pre-SHOT party in the Las Vegas Desert

SHOT Show gives just about everyone in our industry a chance to come together for a few days to catch up and see what’s new in the world of 2A. With the early mornings and long, long nights in Sin City, it’s no secret that things can get a little hectic at SHOT. That being said, even with something going on almost every hour we’re on deck for the show, when you can get away for a little bit and actually squeeze the trigger with some old and new friends, you do it.

We followed self-proclaimed Vegas native Cory Emond of Superior Defense twenty minutes out west into the public lands of Nevada. He definitely knows the best spots for shooting in Vegas. Since we’d be shooting at night, Mike Breckenridge (of 2A Armament), Adam Kraut, and a few other folks took off ahead of us to set out steel and chem sticks. Lead was already being sent downrange and people were thoroughly enjoying the desert by the time we pulled up and donned our NODs (Night Observation Device).

If you haven’t gotten to shoot on NODs, then you haven’t lived. When you get that first look at the world through the eyes of of night vision, you realize just how much really is going on out out there…and how much you really want these things in your kit, high price tag or not. The increased situational awareness while wearing them is second to none. And once you spend some time to learn, train and operate under them, there’s really no going back. Whether it’s night vision or thermal technology you’re using, there’s no denying the superior advantage you’ve got over the unaided eye.

For this trip, we worked with Core Vision Industries so we could bring three different third-generation capabilities out to the desert; PVS15s, RNVGs, and a set of DTNVGs, which we mounted onto Team Wendy and Ops-Core bump helmets. We used Steiner DBAL lasers on our rifles.

If there’s ever a time and a place to get outdoors and ramped up for SHOT Show, far away from the lights of Las Vegas just before SHOT starts is that time. Shooting some steel in the dark was a great way to start the week and get ready for the buzz and new technologies that come along with it. 

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